How to give the best gifts ever

Finding the perfect gift to give on those special occasions that come every year, such as birthdays, can be one of the most difficult things to do. You may have been able to get it right last year out of a stroke of luck, but here it comes again and you find yourself struggling to think of a new gift each time. How can you choose a gift in the easiest way possible without sacrificing quality? Below are a few things to ask yourself whenever you find yourself in this situation.

Do they really want this item? If your recipient is already working, and you know of an item that they really want, then chances are they already have it. Try not to give an item that your recipient could easily buy for themselves if they truly wanted it. You want to go for a gift that is not exactly an item, such as a gift card to their favorite store, a ticket to their favorite concert, or a gift certificate for a spa service.

Is this what they want, or what I want? Often times when we are out shopping for gifts, we buy something simply because we think it’s cool, and automatically assume the recipient will also find it cool. Try to think as if you are in the other person’s shoes rather than your own, and consider what they would enjoy. It may mean purchasing something you are not a huge fan of, but this doesn’t mean your gift will not be thoroughly appreciated.

What have they been saying for the past year? Listening is key to knowing what someone would truly enjoy for a gift. The items listed in their wish lists are usually things thought up at the last minute, and their desire for these items will fade away just as quickly as they thought of it. Pay close attention to what they say in passing moments when they think no one is listening.

Once you’ve answered all of the questions above, you can now choose the perfect gift. But wait, you are not done yet! Wrapping can give just as much impact as the gift itself. Package it carefully and appropriately. The final, and perhaps the most crucial step in providing a heartfelt gift, is to add a piece of yourself, such as a personal note. You’re now ready to give your perfect gift!

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