Handy guide to picking the right footwear

Shoes, shoes, shoes. We love them, we need them, we can’t get enough of them. Some of us at least.

If shoes don’t do it for you and you put them on just because everybody does it then you might not be paying enough attention to your feet needs when it comes to shoes.

Picking out the right shoes for your feet can be easy, simple, and quick. But it can also be confusing and sometimes challenging. Going shoe shopping means you know what kind of shoes you want or need or want.

First is figuring out what your going to be using the shoes for. Are you in the market for work shoes, sports shoes, or just fashionable shoes? There are endless designs, brands, styles to choose from. So it’s important to know what your getting these shoes for.

Second is fashion over comfort and do these 2 things ever go hand in hand. Or do they always clash? It’s hard to say because of all the shoes you can choose from. But if you can find a pair of shoes that looks great on you but they hurt your feet, then reconsider. Because looking fabulous at the price of your feet may end up with you not using them as much as you’d like. Then again, if you find a pair that your feet will want to live in forever and they look good on you, then you’ve found yourself a keeper.

Third should be budget or price. All of us will have different budgets for our shoes. Some are willing to break the bank for the latest designer footwear while others would rather spend their money elsewhere. It doesn’t sound easy but stick to your budget when you go shoe shopping, that way you can still treat yourself to some ice cream or whatever yummy treat you like after you go shopping.

Finding the right pair of shoes for you can be as simple as following these 3 tips. So keep them in mind the next time you go hunting for footwear.

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