Helpful tips in finding the best after school activities for your kids

There is no question that after-school activities are beneficial to kids. The Afterschool Alliance (an advocacy organization), reports that kids who engage in after-school activities perform better in school, gain leadership skills and have the capability to cope with peer pressure. The following are some tips on how you can choose the best after-school activities for your kid. 1.Consider Your Child’s Strengths and Weaknesses. Each child has different needs, skills, and interests that will be crucial in choosing the right afterschool activity. Review the areas that your kid excels at as well as places where they may struggle, then develop a list of afterschool activities based on this information. Make sure you do not impose your interests and dreams onto your child. 2.Consider your child’s temperament. Before enrolling in any activity, think about your child’s temperament. For instance, some kids interact well with other kids, while others prefer to spend time on their own. If your kid prefers engaging in structured play, he or she may get frustrated and bored quickly. Always remember that introducing your kid to occasional interaction with other kids will help nurture self-confidence in social setups as well as improve their group skills. 3.Consider Your Child’s Schedule and Your Own. Ensure that you can attend your kid’s activity, as there is no point in signing up your child for

a class if you won’t be available to attend offer support if needed. Also, consider your child’s schedule to avoid conflict with other commitments. Be prepared to make room for recitals or exhibitions and other events that may take place during the course of your child’s sessions with them.

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