Helpful tips in finding the best after school activities for your kids

After school activities serve a number of purposes. They give children an opportunity to develop their natural abilities and to indulge in their hobbies and interests. They are also a break from a day spent in the classroom. They are also a way to keep children occupied in a safe place enjoying fun and interesting activities.

The challenge may be in choosing the best after school activities for your child. The following factors will guide you in making the best choices;

Your child’s interests

You know your child best and you may decide to pick their after school activities based on this. However, if your child is old enough, get their opinion. Children are more cooperative if they are included in making decisions that affect them. They are also more likely to stick with an activity that they choose.

Age of the child

A program should have activities that your children can understand and participate in. Age is, therefore, a factor. Children are typically put with others in their age group who they can interact with freely.


Cost is another factor to be considered. There is usually a fee for creative classes like music and art classes. There may also be the cost of buying the needed items. Many centers will let a child have one or two classes free on a trial basis to see if they like an activity center or a particular activity. Take advantage of this.


You want to be sure that you child is safe when they go to their after school activities. Visit the activity center you want them to be going it be it a gym, a class or a home. Check that the place is clean and there are child-friendly facilities like toilets. You also want to find out the ratio of teachers or supervisors to children; it should be reasonable, especially for younger children. It is best to visit when activities are on to see how children are handled.


Location is important. A facility should not be too far from home or the school that your child attends that it is stressful to get there. If your child is very keen on an activity or a particular activity, you can have them attend once a week on Saturdays.

Traveling long distances every day after school and back will be stressful both for you and the child.

Whatever else you might decide to do, having a fun after school activity for your child can help them grow and learn. So stick to it and let your child have a great time.

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  • Hoping my son finds an after school activity he likes. I’m worried he’ll be too hooked to all the gadgets kids have these days.

  • I didn’t realize how difficult it is to get kids to their after school activities. Thank you mom for doing such a great job when we were kids.

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