How to become a DIY mechanic

We have all been there, you get into your car one chilly morning, turn the key and…nothing. Regardless of the exact circumstance something is definitely wrong and you may not have the knowledge or most importantly money to fix it.

Getting repairs done by a professional can be costly and sometimes it’s just not feasible. Since college I have become an expert DIY mechanic, no I did not attend a trade school, I just had a need with no money to get it done so I learned how to repair and maintain all of my vehicles myself. Saving me thousands of dollars; I’d like to share my wisdom with you.

Step 1: Know your car: You will want to know the

year, make, model & engine size of your vehicle knowing this basic information is the foundation for finding the correct information and parts for your repair.

Step 2: Read your owners manual: The problems you are experiencing with your vehicle might be very simple, an owners manual will take you through the basic troubleshooting steps to rule out the simple stuff. Remember, a vehicle usually needs only three things to run; Fuel, Air & Spark if one of these systems is faulty you may find yourself stranded.

Step 3: Purchase a repair manual: This is the tried and true method and the first route I took. There are repair manuals for almost any automobile that you can think of that will provide you with a wealth of troubleshooting information and how to’s to repair your vehicle. The cost for these manuals also are not very expensive at all most will cost less than $20.

Step 4: Join an online forum: Believe it or not your old car may have quiet a following online of people who not only own the same vehicle but LOVE that vehicle and whose goal it is to take it to a million miles or more. These forums are where I found the best feedback and the most interactive help. People in the forums were friendly and gave great advice even though I at first came to them with the most basic of questions. Create an account and ask any questions you have, this will probably be your most handy tool.

Step 5: YouTube: Great, you now know the basic information about your car and you have a good idea of what the problem is but you’re more of a visual learner. No problem, there are hundreds if not thousands of video tutorials on YouTube that will provide a visual step by step of the job you are looking to get done. Enter your cars info. and a description of the job and get searching.

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  • You can also see if your city or town has some classes you can take. Some car companies or even your friends who know about cars are very willing to help. That’s how I learned about cars.

  • I’ve never been good at tinkering with devices or engines. I do wish I was more of a DIY guy. It would save me money.

  • Gary – You sound just like my husband. He’s always trying to be a handyman at home. I do appreciate it and sometimes his fixes work. So keep trying.

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