How to make sure you car is ready for winter

It is winter period, the climate has changed, and you need to adjust and keep yourself warmer. Your car too requires some attention, maybe more than you do. Being prepared for winter protects you and your family from unnecessary diseases caused by cold. Its also important to check your car and keep your car safe from breakdown. Avoid accidents which may be come as a result of unpreparedness. How do you ensure that your car is ready and safe to go through winter season? The following are things to do so you can check and prepare your car for winter.

1. Check the oil level of the your car – Your car’s oil level must remain at the normal level. Avoid running the engine without enough oil, though there is a special oil for winter which you should get from an authorized dealer. Every car depending on the engine, has specific oil recommended for it, never use any oil, you should get advice from a qualified mechanic.

2. Fuel or gas level – Keep fuel or gas full all the time, because if you are stuck somewhere and if you get stuck in the car, you have no option but to keep the engine running to keep you warm.

3. How is the coolant? – Top up your coolant time and time again, ensuring it does not go low at all.

4. Is the battery okay? – Most batteries misbehave with the cold. If your battery has served you for more than 4 years, you need to change it and get a new one so you will not have any doubts about its performance.

5. Have you checked your tires? – When you are driving during this season, you should be confident with the tires that

you have. Drive everywhere by changing your car tires to winter tires. Inspect tire pressure everyday before you leave.

6. What about lights. – Lights are very important. You have to make sure that your lights give you clear vision, that you can see and be seen. Most of the time you will be driving with your lights on because of the mist so always have some spare bulbs with you.

7. Where is your emergency equipment? – You can’t afford to drive without a jack, a spare wheel, first aid kit, life saver, and champers. These are all very important.

8. How about your windscreen. – Windscreen should always remain clean and clear, remember to replace your wipers. They can mess up your vision if they are not in good condition. When the windscreen is clear, it enables you to drive with a lot of ease.

9. What about the road? – Understand the road you will be driving on. Get the road map and study it. It will help you to drive well.

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  • Excellent article on how to remain safe for winter. Just moved to a place with plenty of snow in the colder months, and hadn’t even thought about keeping spare bulbs with me. Thanks so much!

  • I always end up being completely surprised by snow haha. I got my driving license 4 years ago and this year I bought my first car, retiring the used one. As there’s no chance in hell I can find a garage for it – I have to park it outside I the rain and snow – I have to take better care of this one than I took of my old Ford. I will also put new antifreeze in the cooling system and make the service guy double check the exhaust system, I heard a lot of horror stories with this one.

  • Living in North Dakota this was a much-needed read for me. I definitely feel more prepared as I anticipate another cold winter.

  • Thanks for this list, we’re having a late winter here and as a new driver all I can do is drive, the technical stuff is way too complicated for me, I usually leave it for the fiance, who’s unfortunately out of town for a whole months so I’m on my own.

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