How to pair cowboy boots with your outfits

It used to be that cowboy boots were worn exclusively by, well, cowboys. Ropers and rustlers from Wyoming to Texas donned their favorite pair of trusty boots for every occasion, whether that occasion involved driving a herd across the range or strolling through the swinging doors of a Colorado barroom.

These days, high-heeled cowboy boots can be seen on city folk from Manhattan to Milan. On a woman, cowboy boots are fun and flirty; on a guy, cowboy boots evoke heroic images of the Old West. Anyone can pull off the look if they know the right way to pair cowboy boots with outfits.

If you’re a female who wants to righteously rock the cowgirl look, slip into your flirtiest short skirt and keep your legs bare. An elaborately embroidered cowgirl shirt looks great with this kind of outfit. Want to drive the urban cowboys out of their minds? Add a flouncy petticoat or two before you sashay out the front door. To avoid blisters when you’re boot-scooting across the dance floor of your favorite local country bar, wear a good pair of cotton or woolen socks under your boots. Be sure your socks don’t show above the shaft of your boots, and you’re good to go.

Long-legged ladies are welcomed to skip the Levis entirely and slip on a pair of leggings instead. Go for black tights or wear something wild and slide into your western boots. Complete the look with a form fitting tunic or toss on a big boyfriend shirt and cinch it at the waist with a belt that matches your cowboy boots.

Jeans pair naturally with a great pair of boots. The look of a well-fitting pair of slim blue or black jeans tucked into a pair of exceptional cowboy boots is right for women and men. Complete the outfit with a tucked-in embroidered shirt, top it off with a Stetson hat, and nobody will guess that you didn’t come straight off the ranch.

Some people are of the opinion that if a guy isn’t a real cowboy, he has no business wearing cowboy boots to work. We tend to disagree. A handsome pair of unscuffed cowboy boots can look great with a business suit, provided the fellow wearing the boots is a Texas oil baron.

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  • Leggins + cowboy boots = a happy Sam. I could live in my leggings, I know jeans are a staple for most but as a busy mom of 4 nothing is comfier than a pair of leggings. To avoid showing too much I always wear a longer blouse or even a dress over them and I’m safe.

  • For me nothing is sexier than some super short denim cut-offs, tanned legs and cowboy boots. Add a plaid shirt and you have a very authentic look.

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