How to pick the best running shoes for yourself

Finding the best running shoes for you at your local shoe store is not always easy. To make sure that you always walk out happily, your shoe should fit properly from heel to toe. Following are four things that you should consider while buying the best running shoes for you: Arch/Foot Type

Low Arches: Individuals with low arches have knocked knees and tend to overpronate. This could lead to medial ankle sprains and shin splints. Motion control or stability shoes can be very helpful for such individuals as they offer more guidance and cushioning. For slow excessive pronation on the medial side, these shoes give extra support as they have flatter and wider outsoles.

High arches: Individuals with high arches have pigeon toed and tend to underpronate. This could lead to problems like shin splints and lateral to ankle sprains. For such foot type, neutral shoes are considered as the best as their midsole provides extra shock absorption.

To determine which type of foot is yours, in a tub of water dip your feet and then stand on a brown paper bag. Get off the paper bag and see your foot print if the middle of your foot is completely visible then you have low arches and if it is hardly seen then you have high arches.

1.Running Terrain

Running terrain is another important aspect to be considered while picking up the shoes for you. At the time of running on hard or uneven surfaces, mountain trails or dirt trails, stability is required. For this you need to opt for neutral cushioned shoes as they help in absorbing stress and heavy pounding that is placed on your joints while running. So you should look for trail or stability shoes. For softer surfaces like a track, sand or grass, you need to look for minimalist shoes. These have less cushioning and are lightweight.

2.Weekly Mileage

While picking up the right shoe, weekly mileage is also taken in account. Individuals who run more than 30 miles a week should wear durable and well-cushioned shoes. Such type of shoes fall in the category of neutral-cushioned and stability shoes. For people who run less than 15 miles a week can wear minimalist shoes.

3.Are You Injury Prone?

If you are prone to injuries and have history of injuries such as ankle sprains, stress fractures, shin splints etc. then pick up motion controlled, stability and well cushioned shoes for helping your feet to relive stress on joints and keeping it stable on ankle.

So before buying shoes ensure about all the points mentioned above.

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  • I have a high arch and I need to be picky about the my shoes. Glad so many shoe companies are making shoes that help.

  • I like shoes and running but I’m not too fond of all the neon colors they use for all of the shoes these days.

  • Its good to have your stride checked if the shoe store has that service. They’ll let you know how you run and what kind of shoe is best for you.

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