The importance of play for little kids

Here are three basic reasons why play is crucial for all young children. Indeed, as kids play, learning will occur in all areas of development. Also, we all want our kids to have fun.

1. Skill development

You will get to observe the development of skills as your child plays with their toys. When your children are very young, they will try to reach for and even do some things with a rattle. That way, they are learning to coordinate hand movements with what their eyes are seeing. And as they try to make the desired effect with some toys, he or she will learn how their hands work.

Using your hand and feet are just the beginning of developing physical skills. By playing they will be able to use their bodies and learn how to move them. They’ll learn about the limits they can do too.

If your child is very active, play is a great outlet for them. They’ll get to use all that energy in a fun and positive way, instead of getting into trouble because they might be bored or have all that pent up energy and not be able to release it.

2. Social development

It is good for your child to play with other kids. This is where they develop their social skills. At first, the most crucial playmates for children are adults. However, they will soon become interested in interacting with other kids of the same age. It is through these plays that your child will learn how to get along with other people. This can be a long and difficult process as every child will have to learn to adjust to sharing, taking turns, and being considerate about other kids. But in the end the social skills they develop will set the foundation for how they interact with people througout their life.

3. Development of Creativity and Imagination

Playtime is where children are able to stretch their imagination and creative thinking. They’ll be able to express who they are, what they like, along with all of the funny and silly little thoughts that are going on in their head.

They’ll be able to explore different “roles” while playing pretend. They’ll act out the different rules that they have observed these roles do. This shows how much they are observing and understanding about society.

So let your kids play. Having fun and playing is an important part of being a kid. When they do play make sure you join them so that you can laugh and learn with them.

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