Important tips and tricks when designing your own business card

Many Individuals make the blunder of thinking that the more design elements that they use on their business cards, the more effectual they will be. In reality, studies reveal that simple designs are the ones that most people are more probable to hold on to.

Here are a few important tips and tricks when designing your business card:

Use a logo

Look for an appropriately designed business logo. If you offer products or services that can be symbolized with a symbol (i.e. Plumbing, horse grooming service or restaurant), the logo should represent that service or product in one way or another.

Ensure it is legible

If you have lots of information to exhibit, you might be tempted to minimize the size of the text. Take heed – tiny text might look legible onscreen, but can turn into an unreadable smudge after printing.

Plain or colorful?

If you use bright colors correctly, you can make the business card stand out, and look unique. This method is often used in the design and creative businesses, with the objective of making them appearing original, fresh and exciting. However, do not underrate the power of unfussiness. A plain black and white business card can be as outstanding and stylish as a colorful card.

Use visual content

Pictures speak louder than words. This is also true when it comes to business cards. While you necessitate having text on one side of your card, consider saving the other side for some images. Possibly you could utilize the space to exhibit a picture of your product, or a service related to your company.

Thickness of the paper

Think about the thickness of your card. Thicker business cards appear classier – making your company appear more professional. A business card that is printed on paper that is thinner than 300gsm appears and feels quite thin, which can make it look cheap and tacky. Think of your business card as a firm handshake – no one likes a frail handshake.


If you are worried about a black and white business card looking dreary, try embossing the text. Embossing produces amounted 3D effect, which adds up stylishness and elegance to your card. Embossing the card also makes it more tangible. Embossing is a good way of adding impact to your card, and making it stand out from the rest.

Counter check your artwork

This tip relates to any print work you undertake; however it is so essential, it is worth repeating. Before sending your work off to the printer, ensure you have counter-checked every single aspect. It feels so frustrating to get back your business cards and notice that you missed a typo in the name or email address.

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  • I asked an artist friend to help me with my logo and business card. It worked out really well.

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