Just a few of the most expensive hobbies in the world

Our hobbies are what help keep us sane in a world that can seem crazy and overwhelming. From Cross Stitch to collecting, board games to outdoor activities, there are so many hobbies you can do. But there are some hobbies that we can’t get into because they’re expensive.

You might be surprised at what the rich do as a hobby. We’ve put together this list of most expensive hobbies that the wealthy enjoy.


This is a hobby that we all would love to be able to take up. Travel around the world but it is expensive. Some manage to travel on a budget but it’s not as easy or as fun.


Some collect rocks, shells, old bubble gum, cats, and other fun silly stuff. But if you’ve got money and the inclination you could be collecting art, jewelery, cars, antiques, vintage or pop culture memorabilia. Sneakers are also starting to become collectibles and they are pretty expensive.

Mountain Climbing

Aside from the risks you’ll also need to be able to pay for equipment, and traveling the mountain you want to climb. Some mountains, like Mount Everest will have you paying for a climbing permit that can cost around $25-$60K.

Ballroom Dancing

We were surprised that Ballroom Dancing was on this list. But we discovered that the lessons and the costume costs do build up to quite a hefty price tag.

Diving (Scuba and Sky)

Were putting these 2 together even though they’re different activities. They are both outdoor hobbies and they both cost a lot. They’re not easy to just jump into either. You’ll have to take lessons before you can really enjoy the activities and you’ll be paying for gear.


If you have dreams of flying a plane or a helicopter you don’t need to turn it into a job to do it. Although that would be pretty awesome too. Flying lessons and getting all the certification will be an expense. Of course you’ll have to rent a plane and pay for everything else that comes with it.

Exotic Animals

Animal lovers would probably take home all of the animals they could. Exotic animals come with lots of other price tags. From licenses, shipping, food, and other needs. Please be very careful if you ever plan on getting an exotic animal.

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  • I’m an avid outdoor person. I can say that the equipment for camping and scuba diving can be expensive. But once you have the equipment it doesn’t cost all that much. Just make sure you take care of your gear.

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