Living on a boat: What you need to know

Perhaps you are ready to go on a new adventure or you’re tired of living on land with all of us humans. Then you might have thought about living in outer space. But that’s not really realistic at this point. But living on a boat is and it might just be the thing for you.

Obviously, you’ll need your own boat and you’ll need a body of water to anchor your boat in. There’s also other factors to consider before you make the change from landlubber to sailor. The idea can be romantic and sound idyllic but like many things in life that do it’s not always as easy and simple.

Owning and driving your own boat

These can be expensive so it’s not a purchase you should take lightly. There’s a lot of guides out there on finding the right boat for you. Along with needing a boat is also knowing how to operate a boat. There’s a lot of classes out there too.

Parking your boat

If you’ve got your dream boat the next is to find a place for you to dock it. If there is a marina that you can park your boat and still go to work then you’ll be ok to go. Of course, there are fees to consider and also what amenities they come with.

Boating Utilities

When we say utilities we mean, Electricity, Internet, Cable, Phone, car parking, stores, laundry area, cleaning services, and other utilities. Not all marinas will have the same amenities. So you may have to give up some of these conveniences.

DIY repair skills

Fourth, aside from learning how to sail a boat. It would be a good idea to learn some mechanical skills. Particularly for repairing things on your boat. A boat is the same as a house and things will break down. Knowing how to repair things on your boat will help you save money and if you’re sailing, even your life.

City Fees and Regulations

Find out what you need to pay to the city, town, marina, or any other institution. You want to cover your bases and don’t miss out on any permits and fees so you avoid any penalties or hiccups when you make your big move.


Do your research and ask questions. This is the best thing you can do and should be how you prepare yourself for living on a boat.

This is just a little bit of what you need to consider when you have this idea of living on a boat. We hope it does work out for you if you want to live your life on the high seas or on the bay.

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