How to make your own digital business card

Traditionally you would be printing your business cards on papers. But today’s business cards are going all digital. Digital business cards are great for the environment and it goes with you wherever you go. Digital business cards are unlimited; you will never run out of business cards when you are networking at a conference or an event. There are various ways of creating digital business cards. Here are 5 ways you can use make your own digital business card.

1. Twitter

Nearly all people exchange their Twitter usernames when they meet at events or even conferences since they are short and easier to remember. Besides, this is one of the greatest ways of inviting your friends to connect with you without the need to use a lot of effort. Therefore, you should download or purchase some apps that will enable you to send your business card(s) over Twitter.

2. Google profile

Generally, Google profiles are very basic. They are one of the places where people list their profile links and standard biographical information. However, since they now figure prominently into Google search results, it is a good idea that you set up yours now as part of your digital vCard strategy.

3. Other social networks

Social networks, particularly the ones which are meant for business usage are a great replacement for business cards. Many people that you will meet are most likely going to Google the name of your company. Therefore, filling out profiles, especially on famous social platforms, is the best way of ensuring that people will find what you want to present. Xing (for those in Europe), or LinkedIn are the best places for you to start. Also, Facebook is another option that you should not overlook.

4. iPhone

There is a broad variety of iPhone business cards sharing apps that you can get on the App Store. One of the favorite apps is beamME. This app enables you to create a business card, and you can send it to anybody that you will meet through email, Twitter direct message, or mobile number.

5. Mobile web

MyNameIsE is a mobile social platform of vCards. This site collects all your company`s social profiles together into a virtual vCard which can be accessed through an iPhone-optimized site or a mobile web.

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  • Ask a Social Media expert (basically any teenager) for advise on what you can do to present your business online. I have Facebook and emails. Looking into adding Twitter for my business.

  • Its good to have your own website. At least if you are an existing business today you should have your own website at least.

  • Google, Twitter, and Facebook seems like the main places to show your business. At least that’s where I see lots of companies.

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