Make up essentials you should always have in your travel kit

Find a good moisturizer like Embryolisse Émulsion Hydra-Mat, that can be used as a primer to prep your skin and nourish it at the same time.

The foundation that everyone has been talking about since it came out is Rhianna’s inclusive Fenty foundation. You might want to order yourself a bottle because, chances are, they’ve got your exact skin tone.

Concealer is just what the doctor ordered to even out your skin tone. Especially after a long day’s travel (or partying), those dark circles don’t take care of themselves.

Since you’re probably traveling, you might want to get a good waterproof eyeliner that glides on smoothly and lasts a while. If you’re comfortable with using a gel pot and brush, make sure to pack those!

Neutral eyeshadow palette
Neutral palettes are a good base to have with you. You can layer the colors to make them more intense but still have option for a more day wear make up for when you’re not out to paint the town red.

Forget eyelash curlers, a good bottle of mascara that will darken, lift and volumize in a few strokes is a definite must have in your kit. 2 lippies One intense shade and one more on the neutral tones. At least you’ve got choices.

Blush/Highlighter Once the concealer and the foundation goes on, you’ve got a beautiful “blank” canvas. Use the highlighter or blush to add dimension to your face and focus the eyes on your assets!

Q-tips and Make up wipes
Ah…your magic “erasers” for when you screw up or just want it all off.

Small and good brush set
You’ll need tools to put your make up on, so invest in a good but simple set of brushes that will get you through your travels with your make up looking flawless.

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