Omega-3 supplements needed in vegan diets

Omega-3 is an essential nutrients needed by the body to improve health conditions. They are fatty acids that do not contain cholesterol and therefore improve your immune system and brain functions. Omega-3 fats cannot be produced by the body, but from the diet. Vegans will need to obtain these nutrients from leafy green vegetables and nuts, and vegetable oils such as canola and flaxseed oil. Flaxseed oil can be used in salad dressing and whole flaxseeds are ground by a food processor or blender in order for them to be easily digested by the body. If eaten without grounding they may pass undigested due to their husky coats. Other than eating them plain, ground flaxseeds can be added to salad, juice or cereal and when put in a fridge will stay fresh for up to 3months.

Walnut, Almonds and cashews are rich in Omega-3 nutrients. When added to salads and yoghurt provide a delicious treat. Walnuts contain a higher source of Omega-3 and therefore improve cardiovascular health. Daily intake of Omega-3 and other recommended supplements is essential in to prolonging life in people suffering in Aids, its improves the skin, it slows down aging due to development of wrinkles and premature sags on the skin. It improves the immune system and helps in preventing diseases such as stroke, Alzheimer, cancer, lupus and diabetes.

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