Pick a hobby that will make you money

Every person has a hobby. They range from mainstream to obscure and cheap to expensive. But instead of keeping your hobbies as just a hobby, why not make some money from it. Making money doing something you love is something we all dream about. Almost every hobby can become a source of extra income or, if you’re lucky, a new career path you can take.


One of the best hobbies that has experienced a boom in the past few years is photography. Many of the paid photographers today started it as a hobby. If you are really serious about this hobby you could turn it to a full time career.


Whatever instrument you play, if you get good enough you could definitely do something with it. Whether it’s teaching or performing. Start a band, sing in a choir, play on the streets, if you have fun making music and keep practicing then music is in your future.


If you love to write then you could turn it into a money making hobby too. You could start your own blog, write reviews, write stories, It may take some time but if you keep at it and keep turning out great content and building your followers than you could be writing full time.


I you are an avid Sports enthusiast you can turn this hobby into a job or a career. You don’t necessarily have to be a pro athlete to turn your hobby into a job. If you possess enough knowledge and skill you could be a coach or be an official.


Any of these 3 hobbies can seem like you wouldn’t be able to make money from them. But if you get good enough you could possibly sell your work and then you’d be able to earn some money doing something you love.

Repair skills

If you like tinkering with things and you’re a DIY enthusiast then you may find yourself being called upon by friends and relatives to help them out. The more you learn about how to fix things then you might just be able to start charging for your services.

There’s a lot more hobbies out there that can lead you to a serious career or can even just be a way you can earn a little extra money. So stick to your hobby, learn your craft, and one day you can make some money from your hobby.

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  • I like to shop for vintage clothing and resell them. It’s been a hobby of mine for the longest time.

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