Playing the guitar for recreation and creativity

If you have ever wanted to learn a new hobby, how about trying to play the guitar? Go to  and check out acoustic guitars for starters.  You can find acoustic guitars in sizes for youth and adults in various price ranges.  Musician’s Friend is a great place to “shop” online to get an idea of what you might want or need.  Going to your local guitar brick and mortar store can give you a “feel” for what you want.

It is easy to learn to play basic chords on any guitar, whether it be electric or acoustic.  Going to any Google website typing in basic guitar chords is a great way to start.  Or, for the more motivated prospective musician, it is very helpful to find a guitar teacher who can teach you chord progressions and strumming and picking techniques.

The guitar is an inexpensive, portable instrument that any interested young or older person can obtain and learn. Going hand-in-hand with learning to play the guitar, there are several that find satisfaction in learning how to write original songs while they learn to play. It doesn’t require much theoretical skill to play basic chords on a guitar, which include chords such as G, C, F, A, D and variations of these. Songwriters often use these basic chords to create demos of their music and pass the raw form of their original music to professional musicians to perfect and orchestrate the piece. Many original songwriters use as a venue to sell their original creations to artists to use as a basis for new music in the field.

It is amazing how many songwriters simply started with an acoustic guitar, loose-leaf paper and pencil to create very popular music that we hear on the radio today. Many artists have actually written their best pieces of music on a bus or airplane to ward off boredom and vent their creative abilities.

So, get a guitar. Buy a tuner. Get some strings. Get paper. Get new pens and pencils. And create.

Whether you plan it to be a musical career or just a venue for hobby and enjoyment, it a sure thing. Songs have been written about guitars being their best of friends in times of distress. Play, develop healthy callouses and have fun!

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “the talent is the call”. Maybe your hidden talent includes learning to pick and strum a guitar and write your most inner thoughts and feelings down on paper. You might be surprised and be sitting on a lucrative gold mine, just doing what you might just learn to love.

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  • I gave this a go when I was a teenager but it wasn’t my thing, right now I stick to watching Youtube videos and singing along while alone.

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