Pros and cons of putting your home on Air BnB

The Air BnB phenomenon is upon us and many people are making extra money from it. Guests are finding rental spaces that fit their budget or even let them save more. Owners get to see some money come in from their property. It sounds like an amazing win-win situation but it’s not always gorgeous views and easy money. There’s a lot of things to consider before you should put your property on Air BnB.


Nightmare Guests

On the top of the Cons would be Nightmare Guests. Guests with attitudes, unrealistic expectations, don’t clean up after themselves, and don’t respect your property. There are many stories online about these guests and the damage and trauma they inflict on the owners can be quite horrible.

Surprise Breakdowns

Life likes to throw curveballs and sometimes they come in the form of leaking pipes, broken appliances, or something breaking down at the wrong time. Like, when you have Air BnB guests staying on your property.

Not Allowed

Anyone can sign up for Air BnB and put up their place to rent out. But not everyone is allowed to by their city or town. Some owners have lost money because they had to pay fines. Check with your city or town first if you are allowed to rent out your property on Air BnB or other similar places.

It’s actual work

Getting your place ready to receive guests can take a lot of work and money. Those repairs or cleaning up that you’ve been putting off will have to get done before you can rent out your place. You might be surprised at your repair bill.


Extra Income

Extra income is always welcome. It can go towards a special treat, or even a savings fund for something in the future. This is the main reason owners want to get on Air BnB.

Meeting new people

If you happen to have guests that you get along with you might end up making some new friends. Hosting your guests is a chance to be exposed to new cultures as well.

There’s only a few Pros to hosting your property on Air BnB but making money is a pretty big Pro. So if you want to give it a try then sign up and we wish you luck with your guests.

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