Quick guide to help you pick the right shoe for your child

Selecting the right kid’s shoes might appear like one of the easiest decisions to you as a parent. You can just pick the cheapest pair of shoes at any local superstore. But, before you buy that pair of inexpensive shoes, there are important things that you should always know. Below are things to check when buying shoes for your kid.

1. Construction quality

It makes sense to buy the most affordable shoes for your child. After all, your child will outgrow them faster than you think. However, you should know that inexpensively made shoes wear out much quicker compared to shoes that are expensive and have a high-quality construction.

Therefore, if you buy cheap and poorly constructed shoes, you will have to replace those shoes quicker than the quality ones. In fact, you can pass quality constructed shoes from one child to another. The easiest way of confirming if the shoes are well constructed is by checking the stitching. Sewn stitches are the best. Glued stitches will fall apart with time. So, avoid glued stitches.

2. The right fit

Searching for shoes with the right fit will determine how long your kid will use those shoes. This is particularly crucial if you are purchasing the shoes online. you can measure the size of your child’s feet at a local store without necessarily buying shoes there. You can also use any of the sizing charts that are available on the internet. After knowing the exact size of your child`s feet, you should ensure that you purchase a half size larger so that your kid can grow into the shoes.

3. Flexible soles

Flexibles soles enable your child to feel the ground below them. This will contribute to their balance. And because your child can balance easily, he or she will learn how to work quickly.

4. Functional Style

You will find many shoes out there that have movie and cartoon characters. Even though they might be cute, you might have a hard time coordinating those shoes with the clothes of your child.

So when you look for shoes for your kid, particularly when you are buying high-quality shoes, it is important to buy the shoes that will work with various outfits. That way, you will get more use out of only one pair of shoes.

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  • How big is too big for your kids growing feet?? I try to get at least half an inch extra when I buy shoes for my kids.

  • Try to avoid buying the pricey shoes, especially when your kids feet are growing. I made a deal with mine. As soon as their feet stop growing they’ll get an expensive pair of shoes. Like a reward, something for them to look forward to.

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