Quick tips to choosing the right shoes for different occasions

Have you ever had trouble choosing the right pair of shoes for a specific occasion? Do you always face the challenge of balancing between fashion and function?

Shoes have always been taken for granted in our dressing. They become dirty, support our weight and take us places. With the many choices available, we can choose the kind of shoes we want to wear for different occasions. Shoes suit different activities.Some are made for sports, while the more comfortable ones are designed for work.

In terms of formal dressing, men have very limited choices. If you are a business traveler, shoes that have ease in wearing and taking off are a perfect fit. Their comfortability and stylishness makes them ideal for less formal occasions. They give you more value for your money, as they are not limited to suits.

If you are attending a fashionable formal event, you need high end oxfords fitted with sneakers soles. You can try the stylized brogues to contrast your staid suit. For a more serious look, like an important lecture or a funeral, a toe cap design will be a great choice.

Do you prefer something more fashionable and sharper? A Pair of wing tips will be the best bet. If you want to portray boldness and indulgency, a pointy toe is the way to go. If your outfit is detailed with color and patterns, your shoes should be simple and unassuming. Contrast your outfit with eye- catching footwear. To make a statement, you should wear louder shoes, where as to be sophisticated, more classic designs will do.

As a woman, you are most likely going to put on heels for most formal occasions. This leaves you with a multiple of options. Color blocking will give you a contemporary feel, while patent leather protrudes a sophisticated, sexy look. A single tone shoe brings a sense of class and calmness, while studded heels portray a feeling of boldness.

As a general rule for both men and women, the outfit should be more controlled and toned down, if the shoes are funkier. Even though the outfit should go with the shoes in both style and color, mixing it up should not be a big deal. When you decide to mix your colors, make sure the color shades compliments and draws attention to the shoes.

Choosing a pair of shoe for any occasion should be enjoyable. You should try the shoes before buying. You need to be comfortable with the type of shoe you choose. Otherwise, it will give you trouble as you walk and go about your work. With the many different choices of shoes in the market, it is hard to imagine life without shoes.

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