Running Gear for the cold Winter season

You have made the commitment. You have held steady and have stayed the course, making running a daily priority. Whether you have made running in the early hours or after work your scheduled run time, you have determined that you will get out there and get it done. You have made running paths and walking trails your second home, seeking to attain that burning sensation of a second wind milestone after milestone.

You want to continue running daily, but winter has arrived once again. Winter has arrived, making daily runs almost dangerous in some cases.

With the cold winter months at hand, running may present a few obstacles. You will face chilly wind, icy roads and other weather hazards which can make running as a regular routine a bit of a challenge during the winter months.

Here is a listing of some the best winter running gear to help you brace the elements:

  • Retain as much body heat as possible in your core. Long sleeve tee shirts made with Spandex or other synthetic materials that help trap body heat like the Adidas Sequencials Long Sleeve Tee. Also, consider wearing running tights or lightweight thermal clothing. You want materials that stretch, regulate heat, and absorb moisture. In the cases where thermal clothing is the only option, be willing to sacrifice body heat retention for overall body warmth.

  • Keep your core covered beyond your base layer. Your core can generate plenty of body heat to keep you warm with just a base layer covering and a shell. Use a jacket, possibly with a hood, to serve as a shell covering for your upper body to resist both wind and rain while running in the winter.

  • Fight off the chill with winter running pants. Running tights or leggings might not be enough when facing the chilly and gusty winds. You can wear a pair of winter running pants over your running tights or long underwear. Check out the Adidas Wind Pants.

  • Add another layer of outerwear for additional protection. Consider adding a lightweight thermal vest when it is not cold enough for a heavy jacket or bulky shell. Also, you want to keep your extremities warm with running mitts or gloves, even breathable footwear. Add head coverings such as a skull cap or a thermal hat, even a face mask, to keep your head and face warm.

Find out specific recommendations from Runner’s World by plugging in your running data and identifying your best options for what to wear under what conditions.

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  • I always double up my running pants when the temperature drops, we have freezing winters here and I already have some knee problems from a bike accident. My biggest concern is to keep my balance and avoid icy parts as the park where I use to run isn’t that well maintained and running there in the winter time is a challenge.

  • It would be great if someone made a running shoe that was geared towards icy climates. Where I live it tends to get well below average temperatures and you simply cannot run outside during the winter months because of the ice alone. Under Armour makes great cold-weather gear and continues to be my favorite work out clothing brand.

  • While my gf needs half an hour to dress up and go for a jog, I’m all for comfort. The warmest pants I have, a tshirt, one or two hoodies and a beanie and I’m out the door.

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