Sewing machines – make your own outdoor gear

Sewing is fun and we assume that you are reading this article because you are interested with anything having to do with sewing. So if you love the art of sewing and love spending extra time outdoors, you must have made considerations of making your own outdoor gear.

The expression that fills your face after knowing that you crafted something is joyful. Of course, you save money and the outcome of your product is unique.
But did you ever imagine that a good quality sewing machine is a requirement if you want to make your own outdoor gear?

For any sewing project that you decide to undertake, you can use any sewing machine. Ensure that the machine you use has been properly cleaned and oiled. Needles should also be of the correct size, sharpened and correctly positioned.

To determine the power of your sewing machine, observe how responsive it is when used with heavy fabrics such as denim jeans. However, power shouldn’t be a hindrance, unless you are planning on using the machine with heavy fabric.

So, what type of sewing machine should you buy?

I don’t think there’s any specific recommendation that I can give, but here is what you may consider when buying one. If you are just getting started, you can consider purchasing a second-hand sewing machine.

Many people trade-in their sewing machines for new ones. So you can get some good offers out there. But be careful about purchasing very old sewing machines.

When buying, it is advisable that you take with you samples of fabric for testing. If you consider buying from a dealer, the advantage is that you might receive training, support, service and perhaps sewing classes.

Sewing machines for personal use have limitations. Some of them lack the piercing power to cope with heavy fabric material. It is also hard and difficult to feed thick fabrics. You might also find machines that are incapable of using heavy upholstery nylon thread – recommended for strength.

So, you really need to know and understand the key features and functions that your sewing machine can undertake. Certain sewing machines are capable of handling any kind of fabric, while some will present issues.

So in case you decide on buying a sewing machine, conduct your own research against what your sewing needs are before making a final decision.

This is important especially if you intend to make your own outdoor gear. Preference of your sewing machine’s brand is up to you to decide too.

Share any other criteria that you might have when it comes to choosing sewing machines.

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