This winter, many new styles have emerged, offering warm methods of self-expression.

Regarding trends for women, large duffle coats appear to be so in right now. To achieve a stylish look, why not combine that coat with a plaid skirt? Stockings might be a good idea considering the frigid winter temperatures. Urban fashion during winter usually consists of jeans of some sort. This winter, skinny jeans are a great piece to add to more seasonal pieces, like a turtleneck sweater.

When it comes to staying warm, layers are crucial. This is where people can be extra creative. There are many combinations of coats, shirts, and sweaters that are cozy and stylish. For example, combine a duffle coat with a blazer underneath, and a striped shirt under that. The contrast is exciting and the fabric is insulating. Another combination could be a turtleneck sweater over a flannel buttoned shirt. This look can be complemented with different combinations of color and design patterns.

Winter introduces a new color palette to display with clothing. These colors are largely bold and dark, but the hues can still vary. Purples and pinks are always in season–they are typically warm colors, but they can still be darkened to contrast with the bleak space of winter. When it comes to color, there is a difference between hue and and exposure. For example, red is usually a warm color, but it can be darkened to reflect a cooler temperature. The key here is to contrast with the season in hue, but to conform with darkness.

Men can take this into consideration as well. Urban styles this winter can be characterized by facial hair, glasses, sweaters, and brown or black boots. Facial hair only comes at the cost

of pubescence, which most men don’t need to worry about. Glasses are not necessary, but they are a great way to introduce color and contrast.

With sweaters, neutral colors are great for winter, turtleneck or not. Watches are a great addition to any sweater look. Regarding watches, there is a lot to consider. How is the watch designed? Is it simple or complicated? What material is the strap, and how does this work with the rest of an outfit? What color is the watch – does this color resonate with other clothing? These questions don’t have to be addressed, but a wisely chosen watch can make or break an outfit.

Some form of skinny or slim pants is also a classic. Jeans, corduroys, suit pants, khakis, chinos–they all work. Again, it’s just a matter of considering material, color, and texture to make sure that your pants harmonize with the rest of your outfit to create a comforting sense of uniformity and simplicity.


  • I loved this article. Winter for me is the hardest season to be “Stylish.” I love vest and boots. I’m not into turtle necks or tight clothing so that’s my struggle.

  • I honestly don’t care what season it is, I’m a black and white kinda girl, regardless the trends. In the winter I layer up with cozy knits and comfy jackets while in the summer I rely on my long, silk dresses or denim cut-offs. Simple and so easy to match it up, you can’t go wrong with black and white.

  • Still can’t grow a beard, and it’s a shame because I’m sure it’s warmer in the winter. Nearing 30 and still only growing peach fuzz. Hey, at least I can buy boots, haha.

  • Right now my boyfriend is in the process of completely changing his style because he got bored with his tee and jeans combo. We went shopping for turtleneck, chunkier sweaters, patchwork denim pants, everything that captured his eyes on street style blogs.

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