Skills that will help you save money

Not everyone is handy or a DIY person. Many people who think that they can’t just need a little push, a little learning, and a little practice(okay, maybe a lot of practice). But it’s never too late to learn a skill, especially if it can save you some money along the way.

Basic Automotive maintenance

Change a tire, changing the oil, topping up other fluids and some basic car repair skills will save you some money for sure. Not to mention bail you out in a pinch.


Seems like a useless skill until a button falls off or you have a piece of clothing. It could save you time and money if you know how to sew yourself.


You don’t have to be a super certified plumber a be a union member or anything. But if you know how to unclog your own toilet then you won’t need to dip into your emergency jar.

Reading a contract

We were initially surprised that this is actually one of the skills that can really help you save money. But if you can get through a contract without having to hire the services of a lawyer you can spend the money you would have on a nice meal or something else.


If you have a pet and you’ve brought them to be groomed then you know how pricey it can get. If you want to start saving money or use your pet grooming funds for something else then invest in a good pet grooming kit and learn how to do it.


Basic cooking skills are essential if you want to live on your own. Rice, eggs, pasta, and a few select dishes that you won’t be ashamed to dish out to guests or someone you want to impress.


You don’t need to be a one man build a house machine but knowing how to do basic carpentry is a great way to keep your house in shape. You’ll be able to fix up almost anything that breaks down in your home and that’s big savings.

Laundry and Cleaning up

Yes this is a skill too. While you may not notice it right away, knowing how to do the laundry properly will help your clothes last longer. Cleaning properly will make sure that your stuff and your place will not deteriorate or have problems as fast.

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  • Sewing is one of the most underrated skills, ever. I sew constantly, a good way to keep favorite clothing articles alive.

  • Basic plumbing skills are very important if you own your own home. I’ve fixed leaks, changed sink fixtures.

  • Although these are all great tips, I think cooking is the most important. I use to spend so much money eating out before I started cooking and meal-prepping.

  • I actually wish I had gardening and house remodeling skills! That would save tons of money, don’t you think?

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