Skills you need to be a fashion designer

We all have our own dream career, something we’d love to do for a living. If your dream is to be a fashion designer then here are 8 essential skills you will need to get started and to be successful.

1. Creativity

Being creative is a skill you can develop over time. It takes practice to create. So get your brain going and don’t forget to take notes so you don’t forget your ideas.

2. Sketching/Drawing

Not everyone is good at drawing but if you want to be a fashion designer this is an essential skill to have. Being able to translate your ideas to something visual is where you really start working on your designs.

3. Business Acumen

You’ll have to understand how the business of fashion works if you want to be successful and protect your designs. Taking a business course and getting experience will be a big help.

4. Communication

Communication in any field is very important. Being able to communicate your ideas away from the paper of visual aids is also important.

5. Sewing

If you want to create beautiful clothes then you need to know how to sew. Take sewing classes and start practicing. You’re going to be doing a lot of sewing.

6. Knowing your materials

It’s important to know all about the different materials out there that you can use for your ideas.

7. Learning

This may not sound like a skill but being able to learn is the most important skill you’ll need to be a successful fashion designer. Learning from other people, from different experiences, and learning in school will help you.

These are essential skills of a successful designer. Pick these up and strengthen them and you’ll be on your way to success.

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