So you need to set up a small office

Many small businesses are in a home or they have a few employees. Generally, the needs of a business with regard to equipment are the same regardless of size. If you are on a budget, you can set up your office with just a little research and deliberate shopping.


It is quite obvious that computers are a must for any small office. Should you invest in a desktop, laptop, or some combination of those items. If your work is more mobile than stationary, a laptop is probably the better choice but you do not have to give up the power and features of a desktop. With docking stations and large desk monitors, ergonomic keyboards and professional mouse devices, you can have the best of both worlds. Search major computer manufacturers for their refurbished equipment and you can save big and still get a complete warranty.


When you do consider peripherals for your computer, you should be looking at monitors (flat panel monitors are most popular today), mice and keyboards along with the absolutely necessary copier and printer. In most small offices, the multifunction laser printer seems to make the most sense since it can scan, fax, copy and print.


If you plan on entertaining clients and other business associates you need to consider how your office appears. Today, you cannot afford to look like you are operating out of a plastic fie case, even if you are. It also has the psychological effect of separating your personal life from your professional one. There are a number of companies that buy up professional office furniture from failed or closed businesses. In turn they resell these items to the public. For small businesses on a budget, this can be a big boon as office furniture is a specialty product and usually expensive.


Equipment that can network is what connects your small office to the outside world through the internet and if you have a few employees you can link your computers together through special cabling and wireless devices. Many electrical contractors also offer data cabling services through cables, rack devices and termination points well placed in your office for employee access. If you’re a sole operator, you may just need an internet provider, modem and wireless router to move about freely as well as to connect to wireless devices in your office such as a wireless printer.

Gathering The Pieces

Small business operators are on tight budgets so take a thoughtful approach in purchasing your equipment. Take the time to price equipment across many retailers and manufacturers. If you use equipment price comparisons through search engines you’ll have a pretty good idea of what is a good value and what isn’t. Some places ship free and others charge varying rates. Don’t forget the used equipment option. It can be a windfall for you.

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  • I just rearranged my home office and what I thought would only take me a few hours ended up being a weekend project. I changed the desk and the chair – thanks Ikea – while completely changing the decor pices on it and around it as I always wanted one that looked like those fancy one I see on Instagram. White desk, gray swivel chair with a faux sheep skin on it plus gold and black accessories for the desk. Do I like it? Noo, I love it and now I’m in the mood of adding small deco pieces all over the house.

  • Living with my parents I don’t have that much space for my office/work area so I’m in desperate need for a genius idea regarding where to keep my printer. Right now it’s on the floor and the desk is already full with two PCs and a laptop. Any ideas?

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