Solar Power 101 for your home

We are not Solar Power experts but we wanted to give a little 101 guide about the basics of Solar Power. More people are starting to consider alternative power sources and they’ll have different reasons. But there are benefits to using Solar Power to your home.

Obviously you’ll be able to save on your electric bills. Depending on your city or state, they may have incentives for homes that have solar power. Solar Power will also help reduce your consumption of power from your electric company. Altogether that helps reduce the environmental impact. It may not seem like much but every little bit will help.

  1. Roof Check or House Check – Make sure your roof or house can support Solar panels. That’s the first thing you need. You may find that you need to renovate your roof or house in order to accommodate solar panels.
  2. How much Solar Power do you need or want – Determine how much Solar Power you need for your house. You can ask for an energy audit before you start shelling out money. This will help you determine the size of your Solar kit is going to be.
  3. Price – There are few Solar Power companies and they may have different prices. They may also have different services once your Solar Power is installed. You want to make sure you can have your Solar Power repaired if you need to.
  4. Sunlight in your area – This may not be a big concern for most people but it’s still a good idea to learn about the sunlight you’ll be getting to power up your home.
  5. Regulations and paperwork – This may be different in your city or town but you need to find out if there’s any paperwork involved if you want to use Solar Power for your home. There’s also some benefits that you may be able to claim once you are properly registered as a Solar Power user and provider.

This is just a basic informer for anyone who wants to have Solar Power for their home. Reach out to Solar Power companies, your local power company, or someone in your local gov’t that may have more information.

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  • I had solar panels installed on my home and it was great! I got paid by my electric company during the summer! They weren’t cheap, tho :/

  • This is very helpful. I’m planning to set up the same in our home. Will include this in my list to consider.

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