What is street wear anyway?

Street wear reflects the urban growth street movement. Historians generally accept the style first erupted out of 1970s Los Angeles. Sean Stussy, a California surfer, may have founded the style by selling tee shirts with his surf shop’s logo on it. He mixed a bit of high end fashion with simple easy going wear. Later a mix of punk and hip hop were also added to the look.

As the 80s and 90s hit, street wear began to have a strong sports slant to it. Sport teams such as the LA Lakers and the Chicago Bulls even started marketing the look with their logos.

In addition to the clothing, wearers started to add bling to the look. The brands became more expensive and began to become more luxurious. Record companies and big name rappers started to invest heavily into the look and price of the clothing.

The clothing look has grown to encompass a large portion of the world. Japan’s Bathing Ape invested heavily in the clothing line, and they have been credited with bringing in the camo look to the clothing.

The look of street wear continues to change dramatically as the years pass. Designers, and other investors change the appears of the clothing items based on what is considered popular, or not.

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  • Wish that branded clothes wasn’t so expensive. Love how they look and love to dress in them. But they’re really pricey.

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