Stylish sportswear to wear in and out of the gym

Comfort in what you wear is the primary concern for the active man and woman. No one should be constrained at the gym when stretching, lifting weights or running the elliptical. But comfort is not the only concern. Looking good is as important, in and outside of the gym. Today’s activewear must be without constraint, comfortable and attractive when worn.

Activewear has come a long way in a short time. Gym clothes are no longer those shabby, baggy looking accommodations. To meet the requirements of the coach or trainer, todays athletic wear can be worn outside the gym, to the movies, a walk in the park or to do the shopping.

Sportswear must not only be comfortable, make the wearer feel good and look good, but more often now must provide additional features.

New Materials In Activewear Offer Compression-Wear

Compression-wear provides the wearer with added energy using gradient technology which applies a graduated pressure in areas of injury, soreness or particular concern. This can reduce swelling and has been used for medical purposes. Compression on the muscles not only looks good for your well-built man or woman but serves a purpose. Compression-wear is not only for specific maladies that may be ailing you, they can improve circulation by as much as 30 percent. The increase in oxygen has added effects. Increased strength, reduction in recovery time, improved stamina and greater endurance are some of the benefits from compression materials with the improved circulation.

Moisture Control

Compression-wear is not the only performance-driven material for sportswear. Wicking-gear removes sweat from your body. It offers comfort and longevity of use. The full T-shirt can stay light as a feather and bone-dry, even as sweat rolls down your face. The content is a microfiber blended fabric. After a jog in the hot sun, in mid-summer, the T-shirt still stays dry.

The best fabrics for managing moisture are made from polyester microfibers or polyamides. The new technology fabrics move the moisture through the fabric and away from the body quickly and then dry promptly.

Another performance-based moisture management apparel is referred to as “push-pull” fabric. On the inside closest to the body is a material that does not absorb moisture, and on the outside is the absorbent material. The moisture is pulled to the outer layer where the garment dries fast.

Dupont developed dri-release technology and licensed it to clothing manufacturers of activewear. The tank-top style shirt, after a swim in the ocean, dries in what seems like an instant.

Whether adding color to the traditionally colorless standards of yesterday’s activewear or adding greening technologies for the environmentalist-minded, activewear is now a part of everyone’s wardrobe, and is used for more than the gym.

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  • I like the way these new sports clothes dry fast but I don’t like all of the neon designs I keep seeing.

  • I love all the new sports clothes that you can wear now. I wait for a sale and always buy some new outfits.

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