The best fruit you should eat this Winter

For most of us winter means cosy socks, covers and comfort foods. It is important however, to maintain that immune system and keep it ready to fight or prevent catching fevers that creep up on us. Below is a list of the best fruit for keeping us at our best over the festive season.


Packed with vitamin C and readily available in any supermarket, oranges are anti-oxidants ready to scare away those cold and flu symptoms in a flash. Our primary source of vitamin D is from the sun and as those days get shorter, it’s important to remember that oranges pose as ready alternative.


Also containing vitamin C, lemons are great for the immune system. Sipping on a lemon tea or home-made lemonade will give your body the boost it needs to press on through the winter season.


For those of you who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), bananas are a must for getting through this gloomy season. Bananas contain tryptophan which promotes the generation of serotonin in your body, the chemical which is responsible for those happy moods.


These red berries are an excellence source of fiber and vitamin C. For those of you looking forward to a festive Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, making your own natural cranberry sauce to go with is a great way to prevent indigestion after that hearty meal! Cranberries are quite bitter but juicing them up with other berries or mixing them into your cereal will give your immune system that extra boost it needs in winter.


These sweet treats are a great source of magnesium, great for maintaining strong bones and muscles. Magnesium also aids the function of organs such as the heart. Figs also contain plenty of fiber and potassium, which will ensure you maintain a healthy metabolism, even if you slightly indulge in one too many mince pies.


Avocados are rich in vitamin K, folic acid and fiber, making them great anti-oxidants. For those of you who are looking forward to partying over the festive season, it is important to detox after those merry nights. Avocados are also a great source of ‘good’ fats which will satiate your desire to reach for comfort junk food, while providing you with that little extra your body needs over the winter.


With a healthy diet and exercise, grapefruits will aid the loss of any unwanted weight gain over the festive season. They help your body’s metabolism to burn that extra fat as well as being a decent source of calcium and vitamin E. Why not start the New Year with a grapefruit for breakfast each morning and see and feel those benefits for yourself?

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  • I love these fruits. As I get older I find I really have to include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in my diet.

  • Although I don’t hate any of the things on this list, I have to admit avocados are my favorite and the easiest thing to fit into my diet.

  • I think I must be eating at least 4-5 oranges every winter day. I don’t know why but I love eating them when it’s snowing outside. They somehow make me feel happy – yeah, strange I know 😛 but what can you do? I like bananas and grapefruits as well and eat them whenever I feel like it not just in the winter time.

  • I have avocado every day, summer or winter. As for the other, oranges – of all kinds – are my absolute favorite in the winter time, I have 3-4 at a time, I never get bored with them.

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