The best small furniture for a small space

If you’ve just moved into your first apartment there’s no doubt you’re lacking in two things: Furniture and space. Lucky for you, there are some great ways to design your new home without requiring much of either. Follow these easy steps in order to fill your home.

  1. Avoid large items, sofa, and tall bulk pieces. Who doesn’t love a large, overstuffed sofa? Or a huge curio cabinet?

While these items are stunning on the sales floor they are poison for a small room. Choose pieces that are small and compact to allow you freedom when moving them around your room.

  1. Boring window treatments. When you first move in you’ll want to upgrade your windows first. Boring window treatments may look simple and clean when you move in, but, will bore you over time. Opt for high quality drapes and some new rods, and for goodness sakes take the curtains to be hemmed! Don’t wait till after you buy your furniture and carpets. Matching curtains is simpler if you start at the beginning.

  2. Go Bold. When you plan out your room, leave room for color, patterns, and character. Small spaces are great opportunities to go wild with your personality. It won’t cost much to do themed rooms and they’ll look great since you won’t be overwhelmed by large walls, high ceilings, or large furniture.

  3. Choose a rug that fits. Choosing a rug that fits a room just right give you more space and design than just picking the one your parents had in the garage. Measure your room, then deduct a few feet from each edge – one or two will do. Go out in search of a high quality rug in that size, make sure to choose a rug that reflects your room’s colors, purpose, and traffic. Ask the salesperson what type of materials are best for your room. Remember, polyester feels good in the store but will wear quickly, jute is great for walkways but you may prefer a softer wool or cotton in your living room.

  4. Don’t sweat the small stuff. I often find when I bring clients along to select items, they typically pick out small items to decorate the room before all the furniture has been purchased. Don’t worry about the vases, figures, mirrors, clocks, and other items until you’ve filled your space with your functional furniture. If you choose items you love first you’ll find yourself trying to find furniture that fits with the room and your items and your other furniture. It turns into a disaster before it ever begins. Do yourself a favor and match the décor to the furniture. It will save you time, stress, and leave you with a gorgeous new home.

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  • I’m used to living in small spaces. I find that I need to be more careful and aware of how I put my things together. Small rooms = cozy 🙂

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