The best workout tips in the snow

It’s tough to stay motivated and on top of your training during the winter months and in the snow. But just because it’s white outside, doesn’t mean you have to slack off! Summer bodies are made in winter so if you work hard during the cooler months you’ll have your fittest summer yet.

Find a friend

When it’s cold out, motivation can fly out the window. Find a friend who can exercise and train with you. That way you’ll be held accountable – especially when you’d rather be in front of the fire with a mug of hot chocolate.

Be visible

Some days visibility can be pretty poor during the winter and as the days are much shorter you’re likely to be working out in the dark. Make sure you wear high-visibility clothing so others can see you. Use a flashlight or headlamp so you can see where you’re going.

Wear the right clothing

The right clothing can make all the different to working out in the cold. You’ll need to protect your nose, fingers and ears as your extremities are the first to freeze. Wear wool as it traps warm air close to your skin – merino is ideal. When it’s absolutley freezing outside, wear wool underwear, thick socks, tights, running pants, a long-sleeve base layer for your upper body, an insulated vest and a windproof jacket.

Invest in trail shoes

Exercising in the snow can torch serious calories because of the extra work involved. Invest in quality trail shoes, preferably water-resistant, to keep you stable. Don’t go too fast and try stick to flat areas so you decrease the risk of slipping.

Take your time

The snow is not the place to be Speedy Gonzales! Snow and ice can make conditions slippery and dangerous so take your time. The cold air can also be harder on your breathing so listen to your body.

Warm up inside

Get out of any wet or damp clothing immediately afterwards or you’ll lose heat quickly. Get into dry clothes or have a hot shower as soon as you can.


Even if the cold you’ll still be sweating, and losing water so keep up your fluids and drink plenty of water.

Turn snow-shoveling into a workout

Wouldn’t it be nice to simply enjoy the white stuff inside where you’re toasty warm, without dreading the work that comes with it? Why not turn snow-shovelling it into a workout? It’s not meant to be an easy job – so treat it like exercise. Put your headphones in and get stuck in. Remember, it’s building your summer body! Or you could try this snow workout here to help you stay fit in the winter.

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  • I seem to need a friend to go running with in any season . It’s just great to have a partner that motivates you to run faster or/and more. Sometimes I like to run alone and be with my thoughts, but not every time.

    I also always make sure that I am visible so not to cause an accident.

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