The history of the t-shirt

The T-shirt is also called the tee and they are usually made of cotton material. The T-shirt has a history that dates back to the 19th century. Today, you can choose T-shirts in a variety of styles like crew-neck, short sleeve, long sleeve, and V-neck. They also come available in all colors. The history of the T-shirt began in 1913, when the United States Navy first issued them as undergarments.

It was not until the 1960s when the printed T-shirts became popular. Today, you can find T-shirts being made from a variety of fabrics, not just cotton. Cotton T-shirts are lightweight.

When T-shirts were first created, they were only worn as under shirts, but you can find them being worn as a shirt today. You will find T-shirt printing businesses all across the nation. Designing T-shirts with images, paints, texts, or other décor is known as T-shirt art.

Be careful choosing T-shirts today because you can make a statement with the message you choose. Some messages found written on T-shirts can be offensive or shocking to many people. You will find that people wear T-shirts just about anywhere. They are comfortable and easy to clean. T-shirts can be purchased at most clothing stores and online. You can find them in well known name brands like Polo, Nautica, Nike and more. T-shirts are very affordable and make excellent gifts for any occasion.

T-shirts come available in al sizes that range from infant to adult. T-shirts can be worn by both men and women. Here are just a few ways you can wear a T-shirt:

  • With jeans
  • Like a dress if it is made long enough, T-shirt dress
  • Under a shirt
  • As a shirt
  • With shorts
  • As part of a pajama outfit

Expressive messages became really popular on T-shirts during the 1980s. It was not until the 1990s when corporate logos became popular on T-shirts. This was an inexpensive way for businesses to advertise.

Today, you can choose to have your T-shirt custom designed. Airbrushed T-shirts are also popular and you can chose from a wide variety of images and texts. Next time you take a shopping trip, pay attention to all the different styles of T-shirts. If you choose to order a T-shirt from an online clothing store, then it will be delivered to your home or office.

If you need to purchase a gift for someone, then buying a T-shirt can save you both time and money. It is easy to shop for T-shirts and they are easy to care for after they have be worn. Paying attention to the care instruction will help your T-shirt last a very long time without fading.

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