The most expensive furniture we’ll never own

In 2008, actor Brad Pitt bought an end table for his French estate he shared with Angelina Jolie. When he chose the table, it was custom designed and made by Frank Pollaro for a cost of 6 figures. One is reminded of the investigation currently underway at Kean University in New Jersey, due to a conference table the university ordered from China at a cost of $270,000. The university procurement officials declare they obtained bids for the design of the table, a New Jersey requirement. It was learned that Frank Pollaro had made a bid to make the conference table for one million dollars.

High Scale, High End, High Price

Frank Pollaro is a high scale, high-end, museum-quality European furniture designer with such elite clients as Michael Bloomberg; he specializes in reproductions of art deco, custom designed furniture pieces and custom yacht furniture. Brad Pitt showed Pollaro his sketch book of his own design ideas, and after several months’ deliberation, they formed Pitt Pollaro Designs, a new line of custom made sleek attention grabbing home furniture. To declare it a pricey line is like saying the Taj Mahal is high end real estate.

Pieces Not for Museums Unless You Live in One

Each piece designed by Brad Pitt and Frank Pollaro carries their unique signatures engraved into the design or sometimes with a brass plate designating its designers:

  • Limited Edition
  • Hand Crafted
  • Numbered Identification
  • Signatures of both Pitt and Pollaro
  • Certificate of Authenticity

Some of their avant garde designs are shown online, but it would be too gauche to name even the monetary neighborhood of any one of their works. The designers’ statement on the site extolls the line’s one-of-a-kind appeal to collectors of museum quality furnishings.

Style Befits the Jetsons

Far be it from my position to critique the work of Pitt-Pollaro, but I will hazard a guess that their line will never be found in my home nor any of my acquaintances. Some of their pieces should also have an identification brass plate advising the viewer exactly what, in fact, the designs comprise. Is this a:

  • Table
  • Sofa
  • Lamp
  • Desk
  • Bed

Not all of their 21st Century designs are off the grid, however. Glass tables atop crafted spiral bases are lovely to look at despite their defiance of gravity.

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