Things to know before you join a motorcycle club

If you are a biking enthusiast who loves riding, joining a motorcycle club can enhance your experiences as a biker. Before you join one, though, it is important to know the following facts about motorcycle clubs.

A lot of these clubs are centered around a brand or a type of riding. There are, therefore, clubs like Harley Owners Group, the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America and there are also touring motorcycle clubs. There are also gender-specific clubs such as the Women’s International Motorcycle Association and the Dykes on Bikes club which is for gays and lesbians.

There are also clubs that cater to the rights of riders such the Motorcycle Action Group. Another category is the clubs that promote specific social causes. The Patriot Guard Riders is one such club. It provides funeral escorts for military veterans. A similar club is Rolling Thunder which is concerned with the welfare of soldiers who are missing in action and those who have been captured in war.

The clubs usually have elected officers, registration and fees and some have regular publications. Rallies and meets where members can meet and socialize are also a mainstay.

Other facts you should know about motorcycle clubs are that; The average rider in American motorcycle clubs has 24 years of riding experience and an average age of 48 years. The American Motorcycle Association (AMA) which was founded in 1924 has a 95% male membership. Riders who don’t have bikes for one reason or another can retain their membership but they are not allowed to vote such as when electing club officials. Becoming a full patch member takes a unanimous vote from a charter and can take years. However, applicants who apply and pay their membership fee are considered full members.

AMA riders cover 1.55 billion miles every year. This is the equivalent of 2,208 trips to the moon and back. Hell’s Angels members have to cover at least 20,000 miles a year to maintain membership. Motorcycle clubs are not for outlaws. Their adherence to the law is indicated with a 99% patch which signifies that they are 99% compliant with the law. Interestingly, outlaws indicate their disregard for the law with a 1% patch.

Different motorcycle clubs are identified with their colors, name of the club and Motorcycle Club (MC) badge.

The Golden Rule of MCs is to give respect in order to get respect and if you act with disrespect, you will get the same.

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  • Friends with some biker gang members and we’ve never had any scary moments with them. They even do a bunch of charity events for the community.

  • Hmmm.. in my hometown you won’t have these kinds of motorcycle clubs to join. Just the other ones that get in trouble with the law a lot.

  • Wow these guys cover a lot of ground. I own a motorcycle but I don’t have the extra time to take all of these rides.

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