Tips for traveling in style and comfort

People travel for different reasons. We travel alone or in the company of family, friends, coworkers, and strangers. Some people don’t have a problem traveling but not everyone can handle trips well.

Traveling using public transportation has its charms and challenges. We want to talk about the challenges and how we can make things a little bit better.

Fashion and comfort don’t argue

Sometimes there is an argument between fashion and comfort, especially when traveling. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We can still look fabulous and be the travel savvy.

Simply Chic

Sometimes simple yet fashionable is the way to go. Something comfortable that you know looks good on you should be your go to. Footwear should be practical and beautiful on your feet.

Basic Makeup

When you travel maybe downplay the makeup. Chapstick instead of lipstick. Especially if you go on long flights or trips.

Charge Up

Make sure your gadgets and gears are charged up for your trip. You don’t want to be starting your trip with a device that is running out of juice.

Best Bags

This can make or break your travel. Make sure that your bag is beautiful but also useful for your needs. Figuring out where you are coming from and going to can help you decide what luggage to use.


Having a few layers of clothing can save you from the cold or from the heat. Having layers gives you options and lets you adjust to different situations when you travel.

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  • I have a comfy pair of sneakers that are my go to travel shoes. Saving my feet keeps me a happy traveler.

  • After a few years of traveling and learning what the essentials are I have my own travel kit that always helps me.

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