Tips on backpacking around Asia

Asia is one of the best places to travel. We’ve only been to a few places in Asia but they have been amazing vacations and hopefully we can go again. If you are just about to visit Asia here are a few tips that helped us have a great experience there.


This is a very important of the travel process. Sure it’s exciting to just go off on a whim but if you don’t do your research you may come across more road bumps than great views. Learn about the place you want to visit.

Local commute

Take the train, the bike, the tuktuk, the jeepney, the bus, the pedicab, the cart, whatever the normal or even unique mode of transportation is. It’ll be cheap, you’ll get an adventure, and you’ll get to see first hand how the locals get around.

Local Food

Yes!! Big Yes!! If you don’t eat the street food then you might as well have stayed home. The street food ingredients are bought, prepared, and cooked fresh everyday. Protip 1: Stay away from raw food. Protip 2: If you see a crowd of people dining then give it a try. This is the adventure you’ve been craving, maybe, hopefully.

Cheap accommodation

Consider skipping that pricey hotel in the city and finding a cheaper place to sleep in for the night. Then when you get to your beach resort you can use some of the money you saved and treat yourself to an adventure.

Currency check

Make sure you know what the exchange rate is for your money. American Dollars, British Pounds, and Euros go a long way in Asia. This helps you figure out your budget too and what you can do.

Local Customs

Learn about the local customs and culture of the place you want to visit. Many countries are more conservative compared to their Western neighbors. They also have different laws that you don’t want to break while you are there.

Respect and going with the flow

You want to go off the beaten path, have an adventure, then be prepared to take on everything that comes with that. This means, things breaking down, plans not pushing forward, unforeseen delays and cancellations. Try to make the best of all of these things.

Safety and Scams

Every tourist destination will have their tourist traps and unsavory characters. Do your research about the tourist scams in your destination. Keep your belongings close to you and be careful.

Use our travel tips to help you have an amazing time in Asia.

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