Tips on how to take care of those fabulous leather boots

If you love your boots then you will want to take care of them. Don’t be afraid to wear your boots just take note of these reminders about proper boot care. To extend the lifespan of your leather boots, it is important that you perform maintenance regularly. Make sure that you clean your boots so that you remove dirt and dust, and applying a high-quality leather conditioner is necessary to help in preserving the leather in the boots.

Since many types of leather vary in nature, some due to the process of tanning and some naturally, the excellent leather boots care methods can also differ. However, the steps on how to care for your boots are fairly easy. Here are 5 tips on how to take care of those fabulous leather boots.

1. Protect your boots from spills, snow, and rain

The finest protective spray to buy is not just a waterproof treatment. Leather Spa Water & Stain Protector works well on suede, fabric, and leather boots enabling a liquid or any spills to sit on top of the material. Therefore, you can just wipe away the stains before they bleed into your boots. Always ensure that you spray your leather boots at least once every week.

2. Moisturize your leather

For the same reason that you moisturize your skin your leather boots need some moisturizer too. Make sure that your leather boots are moisturized on a regular basis to preserve the shine, and also make your leather last for long.

3. Repair snow or salt stains immediately

Avoid any boots damages that come along with the “wintry mix” weather forecast by making use of salt stain removers after being out in the salty or snowy streets. Make sure that you apply the salt remover immediately after contact, then let them air-dry overnight so that the stains are fixed.

4. Add a protective rubber sole to enhance durability

Be sure to add a thin rubber sole to the existing boots sole so that you increase the life of the soles.

5. Always keep an eye on the heels

Make sure that the damaged heels are replaced immediately. If you wait for long before fixing it, the problem will cost you a lot. Do not wait until your heels are not workable. Instead, monitor the condition of your heels on a regular basis, and replace them immediately when they begin to wear down so that you have a cheaper fix.

It sounds like a lot of work just to keep your boots in good condition. But if you love your boots a little TLC won’t hurt.

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