Top 10 best and most expensive perfumes in the world

Using the right perfumes at the right events is important so that you establish the right impression in the mind of the individuals that you are facing. Quality perfumes are always expensive. Therefore, if you need quality perfumes, then it is paramount that you know the most expensive perfumes in the world. Here are 10 best and most expensive perfumes in the world.

1. DKNY Golden Delicious Million Dollar Fragrance Bottle

This perfume first entered the market in 2001. It is well-known because of its exceptional apple-formed look. The cost of this perfume is around 1 million US dollars. Its bottle has a huge number of precious stones (white). It has an exceptional design, and it is also marvelous.

2. Clive Christian No. 1 Imperial Majesty Perfume

It has a remarkably unique form. This amazing perfume costs around $25,000. It is imported to the other parts of the world right from London.

3. Baccarat Les Lames Sarees de Thebes

This perfume is well-known for its optional gem crystal and its unique smell that you will really like. The perfume was produced in the year 1998, and the fragrance actually proved to be one of the rarest perfumes of the time. Its price is about 6,800 US dollars per ounces.

4. Chanel Grand Extrait

This perfume is made by mixing jasmine and rose from Chanel`s proprietary fields found in France. The aroma is rare on structure, flavor, and nature.

5. Clive Christian No. 1

This was one of the highly rated perfumes in the years 2001 to 2006. The perfume is meant for both ladies and men.

6. Hermes 24Faubourg

This perfume is exceptionally meant for women. This aromatic flavor is truly unique from all other perfumes that are available on the market. It was first made in Paris. This fragrance is so sweet, it is a blending of jasmine and orange.

7. Caron Poivre

This perfume was made in 1904. The fragrance is used for both women and men. The neck of its container consist of golden stones.

8. Joy by Bean Patou

The perfume came into existence in 2000. The perfume has a botanical flavor. The flavor offers a type of eternal bliss.

9. JAR Bolt of Lightning

Both ladies and men use it. The creator of this perfume is keeping the scents of this fragrance a secret. If you smell it maybe you’ll be able to figure it out.

10. Annick Goutal Eau d`Hadrin

Another top rated perfume for both ladies and men. This wonderful scent will transport you to gorgeous Tuscany. It won the FiFi Award Hall of Fame in 2008.

If you can afford the luxury of these wonderful fragrances then enjoy them. This list of the top 10 bet and most expensive

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  • These perfumes are a luxury I can’t afford. Even if I could afford it I wouldn’t buy any of these.

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