The top 10 Fashion Faux Pas that men make

There are men who play it off as if they do not care about what they wear. Here are some of the more regular fashion faux pas that men make repeatedly. 1. Accessories overload The notion that

jewelry is only meant for women is totally wrong. Men can also wear jewelry, but less. It is not actually the best thing for men to wear a watch, necklace, pinky rings, bracelets among many others. 2. Sandals and socks As a man, it is important to know that sandals and socks are not even remotely good-looking. If your going to wear socks then please wear shoes. 3. Mixing patterns Plaids, polka dots, stripes, and even checkers are ok as independent patterns. None of these should ever be put together in an outfit. You only need to stick to one pattern and select complementary shades in that particular pattern for your entire ensemble. 4. Baggy clothes As a grown man, do not purchase any clothes before you try it out first. For sure, baggy clothes appear unkempt, and they are not acceptable for anyone who is more than 15 years old. This especially goes for baggy pants. 5. The Too-Tight T-Shirt Nearly all men assume that Spanx is uncomfortable and painful. However, your significant other and even other people think the same thing regarding your Too-Tight T-Shirt. It is uncomfortable and even painful for other people to look at. 6. Sunglasses at Night and indoors This is one of the offenses that is magnified by combining it with a Too-Tight T-Shirt, and the many accessories. 7. Oddly Shaped Dress Shoes Some men are notorious because they do not pay attention to detail. Therefore, they should constantly be reminded about the dos and the don`ts of life, and footwear. Ensure that you wear dress shoes which have a hint of a point & a squared-off tip. 8. Super Deep V-Neck It is actually one mistake to wear a V-Neck. However, it is also another mistake to display your man cleavage to the public. That is really meant for the bedroom. 9. Running shoes Running shoes are referred to as ‘running shoes’ since you should use them for running. In case you want to wear them for a casual look, ensure that they match with the other outfit. 10. Crude Graphic T-Shirts Avoid these T-Shirts. More specifically, shirts with rude, crass, or uncouth graphics will often give people the wrong impression about you. Shirts like these give off the wrong message. There’s definitely more fashion blunders that men make (women too). But we’ll call it quits for now and hope everyone manages to avoid all that we’ve listed.

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  • I think that dressing comfortably is super important. So as long as a guy can pull off a piece of jewelry or sandals, then by all means.

  • Sandals and socks don’t really bother me. I am not very confident about how my feet look so I can see how other people may want to hide them.

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