Top 10 largest marathons in the world

The running bug has bitten lots of people and running is one of the popular physical activities around the world at the moment. For the hardcore runners, marathons are the end goal. They are listed in no particular order other than these are the marathons with the largest number of participants.

Boston Marathon: April
Honolulu Marathon: December
New York City Marathon: November
Chicago Marathon: October
Paris Marathon: April
London Marathon: April
Tokyo Marathon: February
Berlin Marathon: September
Osaka Marathon: Late October/Early November
LA Marathon: March

Each marathon has its own unique flavor, and if you’ve got the budget, why not try to run all of them? If not, pick and choose which ones you want to run and turn it into a vacation as well, 2 birds with one stone! The Honolulu marathon would be a great destination marathon as the course you’ll be running may difficult but beautiful and scenic that it might make you forget your aching muscles. The Boston Marathon is a difficult one to qualify for, but it remains one of the premier marathons. If you’ve always wanted to visit Japan, you can run either the Tokyo or the Osaka Marathons to get a taste of Japan’s culture and rich historical past.

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  • Training for the LA marathon cause its not far from where I live. Would love to do the other marathons but they’re not near my area.

  • I’m not a super runner but I do turn the TV on for the big marathons and just leave it on the background.

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