Top 12 fashionable celebrity kids

If you’re a celebrity then style is extremely important to your image or brand. We expect that whenever a celebrity steps out of their homes for them to look immaculate, high fashion, and expensive. This expectation is a part of celebrity. But now, the children of celebrities are becoming known for the high fashion brands that they wear. In this age of social media, celebrity children have a high fashion standard that they have to keep up and express. Here are the top 12 fashionable celebrity kids.

High Fashion Babies

When your parents are hugely successful celebrities they are sought after by the world’s top designers. These babies have access to the most fabulous styles on planet earth. When top name designers are giving you their clothing to wear you have no choice but to be the envy of everyone on the playground. Here

are the top 3 most fashionable babies.

  • Aila Wang
  • North West
  • Harper Beckham
  • Marion and Tabitha Broderick

Risk Taking Fashionistas

When your mother has become known for her style then the apple certainly can’t fall that far from the tree. These fashionable youngsters have won an allegiance of fans simply because they wear their designer clothes the way they want. Instead of following trends these young ones start them. When everyone’s looking for the next big thing in fashion these young people are first on everyone’s radar.

  • Willow Smith
  • Zahara Jolie-Pitt
  • Juelz Smith Jr.
  • Harlow Madden

Future Fashion Designers

Some celebrities aren’t satisfied with just their fame. They want to be the leaders when it comes to what goes down behind the fashion lines. So it’s not surprising that their children are being pruned to become the top influencers of fashion. Here are a list of children who are going to be calling all the shots in fashion when they are grown.

  • Sklyer Berman
  • Lourdes Leon
  • Ming and Aoki Simmons
  • Zuma Rosdale

Since these children have started out on top of the fashion world, it’s not going to be too difficult to them to remain the trendiest young designers in the fashion world. With these gifted celebrity children at the forefront of everything fashionable many people will look up to them for what styles to wear. Given that these youngsters have started out with so much style under their belt no one is going to question their ability to be the top trendsetters in the future. That’s just one of the perks of being a celebrity child with high fashion parents.

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  • I look up these kids and they certainly do have a sense for fashion. They look so cute in their outfits.

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