Top 5 music gadgets you can enjoy today.

Technology is advancing so fast and the music gadget scene has changed a lot. Here’s a short list of some of the high tech music gadgets you can get on the market today.

1. Glow ($169) – Futuristic illuminating headphones straight from a Sci-Fi set.

These in-ear headphones came to fruition from an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, and they will definitely grab your attention with its intelligent use of light. Glow headphones have employed a colorful, glowing, neon cord and ear buds that synchronises light pulses with your music. Aesthetically, they look stunning, and they’re also incredibly useful for night-use if you’re jogging. These pioneering pieces of gadgetry are available in a dazzling array of colors, too.

2. Pono Player ($399) – Hi-resolution audio player with its own music store.

The latest push from audio companies is offering lossless audio and providing the user with an unparalleled musical experience from an audio device. Legendary musician Neil Young’s company, Ponomusic, are spearheading a lossless revolution, with the Pono Player and accompanying e-shop, Pono. Oh, and it all sounds amazing.

3. AudioOrb ($15,000) – A fully-immersive musical experience in a glorious orb.

This definitely falls in the man-toy category, but it is still a marvel. Petter Johansson collaborated with Total Studio to create this plexi-glass speaker that lets you immerse yourself in your music by sitting inside. The dome has Eighteen high-quality speakers, and Tempur pillows to ensure maximum comfort in your perfect audibubble.

4. UE Roll ($99) – Robust, intelligent portable speakers at a bargain price.

As far as compact, waterproof, bluetooth speakers go, the UE Roll takes the cake. With a decent sound quality and the ability to pair up with other UE Roll speakers for surround sound, you’re really stealing this piece of kit for the price. With bluetooth connectivity and waterproofing, it’s an ideal shower buddy, too!

5. Ultrasone Edition 10 ($2500) – The crème de la crème of luxury headphones.

So, not many of us would be willing to part with $2500 for a pair of headphones. However, for the select few brave enough, Ultrasone can help with their latest piece of art. The hand crafted Edition 10 headphone – consisting of such exotic materials as Ethiopian goatskin and Ruthenium – creates a perfect balance of sound quality and luxury, using the finest Zebrano wooden

trim for the ear cans. The rest of the headphone features gorgeous metallic detailing and a wooden stand, both gorgeous and inspired from a butterfly.

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