Top 5 weirdest footwear you’ll find all over the world

Ballet flats, cowboy boots, high heels, jellies and lace-up shoes, we a have a favorite style of shoe. We probably also have a couple more styles hidden in the closet somewhere for when we simply must wear a different style.

Vibram Fukorishi

From the same people that brought the world the toe shoe, Vibram now introduces their fukorishi shoes. These shoes actually wrap around the foot so that each person receives a shoe that fits their unique foot shape. In order to put these shoes on, the wearer grabs the fabric on the side of

the shoe and wraps it around their foot. The shoe even has a rubber sole increasing a person’s safety when running on wet surfaces.

Inverted Heel Shoes

If your company requires that you wear black pumps, there is no need to be boring. Just go get a pair of inverted heel shoes. These shoes feature the heel on the front of the shoe, and then a completely open space where people would expect the heel to be found. There is no doubt about it, these shoes would be a great conversation starter at your next networking event.

CD Player Tennis Shoes

If you want to take your music with you everywhere, then you need a pair of CD player tennis shoes. The sole of these tennis shoes contains a CD player complete with a volume knob and tweeters. These shoes give new meaning to the term take your music with you everywhere.

Double Agent Shoes

As a woman, if you have ever gone out for the evening and hate to keep up with a clutch, then double agent shoes may be the perfect answer for you These shoes, available in a variety of styles, have a small hidden compartment in the heel that is perfect for keeping all the treasures that you need during a night out on the town. The compartment is big enough to hold your credit card, a small coin purse or your favorite lipstick.

Tip Shoes

If you work as a waitress or other professional that relies on tips, then you may need tip shoes. These platform sandals have a space in the bottom to hold your tips and even have a slot where customers can place the tip.

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  • You want to know a current weird shoe right now? YSL Roller Skate Pumps and they sell for $2,000!

  • I used to waitress when I was younger. Not sure how Tip Shoes would actually work if I wore them then. I’d have to bend down to put the tips into the shoe or lift my shoe up. Either way it sounds awkward to use.

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