Useful tips to help you save on gas

If you want to keep driving around you’re going to have gas up. But gas prices have been going up and not down so we’re trying to be more efficient and save more gas. It’ll save you more money and it’s better for the environment. So here’s some suggestions that might be able to help you be a more fuel efficient driver.

Idling your car – Avoid doing this. Leaving your car engine running when you’re not going anywhere is wasting gas.

Pushing the pedal to the metal – You like to go fast but the faster you go the more fuel you burn. If you don’t need the speed then ease up on the gas.

Fast acceleration / Abrupt Braking – Easing to a stop and smoothly gaining speed is one of the keys to being more fuel efficient.

Close windows and close sunroof – Open windows and open sunroofs can cause drag. Drag interferes with your car’s aerodynamics and this affects fuel consumption.

Tire Pressure – Make sure that your tire pressure is what it should be. Find out what the ideal tire pressure is for your car and your tires.

Plan your travel – Making several trips because you forgot something or didn’t plan an efficient route is a good way to waste a lot of gas, really fast.

Don’t let your car carry weights – The heavier your car is the more gas it will take to move it. So remove any unnecessary weight before you travel.

Healthy car – Keep your car well maintained so it runs optimally.

Aircon off – Using the AC all the time uses more gas. If the temperature is ok then turn it off.

Cruise Control – This is your friend on the highway or freeway. If your car has this, use it.

Drive safe and drive efficiently.

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