Vegan nutrition is easier than you think

Different people have different believes with respect to different things in life. For instance, there is a class of people who simply dislike meat or for one reason or another they do not take animal products. Some people claim it is inevitable to consumer animal products because they have been led to believe that that vegetables rich in the same nutrients as animal products do not exist. If you are in this category, think twice. Veganism is easy to follow when you are determined to do so. Here is how: If you find it hard to not to consume products made using eggs and milk, a more reliable alternative would be consuming egg free mayonnaise brands including Vegenaise, Nayonaise and Miso Mayo just to mention a few. You can even take foods made of flax seeds as a vegan alternative to eggs. Did you also know that baking powder is made from plant products thus can supplement eggs in making pancakes? The body needs vitamin B12, which is mostly found in animal products though not produced by animal bodies. Veganism calls for consumption of consumption of foods that do not threaten the live of animals in any manner. They are important in the formation of red blood cells and in cell formation and maturation. Such vitamins also play an important role in DNA synthesis. You therefore ought to find sources of vegan vitamins that you can take the place of those obtained from animals. a soybeans and mushroom meal can produce adequate amounts of some vegan vitamin that can supplement animal products. You may also drink some rainwater. It is that simple. Just collect some water directly from the rain and take it. It can provide enough vitamin B12! Bone formation requires some bit of Vitamin D. If you have been wondering which vegan vitamin to consume, you

don’t need to consume anything. In fact, you obtain it without doing anything much. A 30 minute stroll under the sun can absorb enough Vitamin D sustaining all

the body functions that need vitamin D. Don’t worry about not taking animal products that are rich in calcium for building your bones, muscle functioning, hormonal secretion and cardio vascular functioning. There are enough calcium nutrients in Bok choi, fortified soy milk, almonds/hazelnuts and fortified tofu. If you need iron, consuming molasses can provide enough quantities of iron for proper functioning of your body.

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  • Sorry for what might seem like a stupid question but is it okay for vegans to take multivitamins? or other health supplements?

  • if you want to be a vegan then you need to learn more about the food you eat and what you can eat. Learn about other food that you can eat and provide the nutrition you need.

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