Ways to check if your auto parts are fake

Oops! You bought some auto parts and now you think they are counterfeit. So how do you know? This is becoming a serious issue.

There are a few ways to check if your auto parts are fake.

  1. If they are an imitation, the manufacturer can alter these so that you won’t be able to tell. How do they do this? They usually duplicate the trademark almost exactly to where you can’t see the alterations and you think you are buying the brand name that made the part.

  2. Do you think you should worry about it? Yes! The parts may be more cost effective meaning that they are saving you money, but down the road it can actually cost more. You may have to replace these parts more often, as they may not even be made exactly to fit your car, which can then lead to further problems like a breakdown of different problems or the same issues you were having. It may even cause safety problems for you and your loved ones.

It isn’t easy to always spot the fake but here are some tips to use:

  1. If you are having your mechanic install the parts, possibly that you bought, have him check the packaging. OR if you are dealing with him and he is supplying the parts, ask him to look at the package and the parts. You may want to feel the part too.

  2. If the packing seems like it is lacking the logo or if it looks different than usual from what you used to buy, it could be fake. Sometimes the coloring, logos, and pictures are quite similar to the original design. Odd packaging, they way it fits or anything else that looks weird and different to you should be a concern and raise a red flag warning.

  3. Pricing…..you notice a large price increase in that part. THAT alone should tell you to be cautious.

  4. What parts are usually Fake? Common ones are: Antifreeze, Bearings, Bolts, Camshafts, Valves, Distributor Caps and Spark plugs. The list goes on and on.

  5. Buyer beware, the internet is booming with all these fake auto parts! Lots of these sellers won’t even have the part number on it either.

People that make these fake auto parts have become very wise and knowledgeable as the technology to make “fakes” have greatly improved thru the years. Sometimes just having a “visual” of the product is not enough to know if it is fake.

If you suspect a possibly “fake” auto part, take it back to where you purchased it from. Don’t get cheated when it comes to your car and the safety factors for you and your family.

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