What does the future of furniture look like?

You are a homeowner and no doubt embraced the thought of individuality for your home furniture and design. Individuality can take the shape of Italian, Early American, Contemporary, and more. This is what the furniture of the future may look like, Flixxy.

You have specific ideas regarding the type and style of furniture you want in your home and may or may not design your home according to the current popular trend. If you are one of these people and feel that downsizing your home is exactly what you need, you will then think twice about the style and type of furniture you put into your smaller home.

A few things are for certain and that is, more homeowners are embracing the thought of downsizing homes to

a smaller square footage of living space. If you are thinking along these lines, like many homeowners are trending these days, and you have the money to invest in quality furniture that will last many years, versus some pre-fabricated pieces of furniture lasting a short amount of time this is the way to go.

Downsizing your home is going to require a bit of research on your part such as, but not limited to, miniaturizing furniture items and still achieving a tasteful and comfortable living area.

  • Less furniture pieces

  • Spending more and seeking a better quality because you do need less to fill your space

  • Furniture that serves dual purposes

  • Furniture that can expand and fold into a smaller space or store away into the structure of the home

Following these examples still allows you your individuality in specific home designs such as fine quality, Italian or Early American. More homeowners are jumping on the bandwagon for successful living designs by staying with current trends such as taste and function of the furniture chosen.

One example is the Murphy Bed which seems to be making a comeback. If your space is at a minimum, this bed allows for more space during waking hours, as it is stored in the wall of your bedroom.

If you prefer to eat at the table, but do not have the space (all the time) for an ever present dining room table, think about a slim table for two that expands outward and is able to seat up to six people. Chairs and leaves store within the table when it is folded.

The future of furniture looks like furniture originating out of space, serving a purpose in your life, however, not at all what you are used to seeing in a traditional home design.

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  • Want to see how future furniture will multitask. Since everything else seems to have multitasking features.

  • I think the future would consist of smart furniture or furniture integrated with AI technology (i.e. robotic, voice activated, etc.).

  • I prefer my furniture to look like actual furniture. Not a big fan of the sci fi theme that I see everywhere.

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