What happens to you when you go on a diet

Whenever we talk about diets people always think about weight loss. We tend to jump on the bandwagon but after a few days in, the fad loses its grip on our hearts and our stomachs.

Here’s a few things that happen to your body when you go on a diet that people don’t always tell you.

Your energy level may drop.

When you start a diet, especially the ones that drastically lower your food intake you might find yourself running on fumes for the day. Less energy means less power to do your tasks. It also will affect your ability to concentrate. Give your body to time adjust to the new type of food and to the new amounts of food you are eating.

You may feel more stressed and irritable

If you started a diet where you had to give up one of your favorite food then you might feel extra stressed. If we had to give up coffee and chocolate we might end up going on a rampage.

You may feel weak and nauseous

If you cut yourself off from coffee or carbs but still keep to your late night habits then you might find that you are making it through your day as a zombie.

On the other end of the diet spectrum, changing your meals to healthier options can have positive effects.

You may have more energy.

Chowing down on salads and healthy food can boost your energy levels. You may be surprised at how energized you feel with the change you’ve made to your eating habits. This new found energy can occur at different points of the diet. Some people will feel it at the beginning, some at the middle, and some at the end. Some may not even notice any difference.

Going on a diet can be immensely beneficial to you but it’s important to talk to your doctor first. Eating healthier is a goal that we all should strive for and maintain.

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  • Eating healthier and exercising regularly is the way to do it. Little by little is a good way to do it.

  • If you really want to try a diet, consult your doctor and go to a nutritionist or a dietitian. All of these fad diets might not be good for you.

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