What your favorite shoe style says about you

Pushing the rather crass saying of “the bigger the shoe size, the bigger….” one thing is sure in the shoe world, your shoe choice says a lot about your sense of style, personality and your world view. So just what does your favorite shoe style say about you? Like everything, it has to be examined from the “sole”.

The boot

Men and women love boots and with the wide array of styles it is hard to say exactly what your style is and what it says about you without seeing the boot type. When you see a man sporting a pair of genuine Charlie Dunn cowboy boots there is a better than good chance the gentleman is more at home in the country than the city. Find a woman in a pair of Luccettes and you can suss out her style as being urban cowgirl. Sporty enough to wear these boots with jeans or even as an accent to a little black dress.

A casual boot on a man such as a pair of sueded Desert Boots or even a lugged sole set of chukkas says the man has a laid back approach to life yet cares enough about his appearance to dip into the classics. His personality is likely one of the refined gentleman, with manners and old school chivalry.

A woman’s casual boot says she is laid back

and more in tune with the things around her rather than on her. She is going to be one who wears designer denim jeans with flowing, easy going blouses, showing off her sense of light elegance and breezy outlook toward life.

The Stiletto

The woman who wears high heeled, or Stiletto heeled shoes is an urbane and woman of elegance and sexiness. She is going to have a love of art galleries, French restaurants and window shopping along 5th Avenue. This is a woman who will pull of the Stiletto look in the dining room, dance floor and boardroom.

Athletic Shoes

Man or woman, when you see someone wearing athletic shoes as their go-to shoes, you can rest assured they spend their spare time tracking the miles on the run, on the bicycle, swimming or engaged in any number of sports and athletic pursuits. You can tell too that these are health conscious people and you are more likely to see them eating a Kale salad versus a Big Mac.

Sandals and Slip-ons

Man or woman, when you see these folk wearing their sandals and casual slip-ons you get a sense that their personality is in tune with California beaches, hanging out with friends and not taking life too seriously. These are the casual yet fun seekers of the shoe world.

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  • Personally, I prefer rubber shoes or flip flops to heels. I want to be comfortable when I am walking around. I probably only have 2 or 3 pairs of heels.

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